Looking at no-service funerals

 Funerals without service have been on the rise not only in Australia but around other parts of the world as well. Families are increasingly stepping out of the norm and choosing to celebrate the lives of their departed loved ones in different and unique ways. The same also applies for budget funerals in Sydney where people are preplanning no-service funerals as their final wish. Whichever the case, there are array of no-service options which people can choose from.

 Direct cremation

Cremation has become popular in recent times dating back to the global financial crisis that hit the entire world. This is because during these times, the purchasing power of people became impeded, and they had to deal with living on tight house budgets. This effect trickled down to funeral care. Australians began to feel the financial strain that escorted funeral celebrations for the transport costs, venues, and catering skyrocketing. The easier way out then became doing away with the celebrations ultimately. This process is much cost friendly as it only involves collecting the body, cremating it and then giving the ashes to the loved ones. Funeral services become a choice with most opting just to have a small dinner with friends or family.

Costs in direct cremation

The charges in direct cremation compared to a service funeral are significantly lower. It will involve the obvious which is transportation well as the body collection charges, costs associated with arrangement of the death certificate or any other documents necessary in the occurrence of death as required by the state laws, cremation costs and crematorium charges and the funeral director fees as well. Then there is the provision of the ashes that can be picked or delivered by the service providers by the family director.

Cremation only

Here some people may request for a small gathering or church service after the cremation when the ashes have been handed over. The service usually doesn’t involve typical offering of flowers or even fancy caskets. Depending on your Australian location the cremation-only services vary. You can request a couple of funeral quotes from funeral homes so that you can know how much it may cost in your area. This is especially in budget funerals in Sydney so that you can get it over and done with.

Burial only

It’s not a very common type of service. It’s a good option for individuals that prefer a burial though. However, you may need to incur the cost of a burial plot. Also, it’s economical as the celebration costs are also eliminated here and thus, proves a cheap option in the end. However, it’s good to find out from the funeral homes the no-funeral services they offer so that you can make your option.

 The goodness with budget funerals in Sydney is the fact that you get to choose the no-service funeral you prefer and arrange with your funeral director and have your final wishes fulfilled without being a burden to your loved ones.

For more information, you can always visit the website of the firms which offer funeral services.

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