4 Points to Tick Through in the Purchase of Hair Extensions

A poll conducted by an online hair and beauty expert suggests that 38% of women use hair extensions as a part of their beauty routine. Similarly, the survey indicated that 85% of the women using hair extensions like to keep it a secret from their friends.  A participant in the survey when asked why they kept it a secret said that the hair extensions made today appear so real that they give an impression of real hair and who would not want to busk in the glory of possessing good hair. Today, women are seeking Hair Extentions in Bondi Junction salons sell (if you’re here in NSW) for various reasons.

To some it’s solely for beauty purposes while for others, they use hair extensions to add volume and length to their already existing hair. Additionally, these extensions add glamour and allow people to experiment with different styles. For whatever reason you are seeking hair extensions, below are things that you should think about before a purchase.

Color match

When it comes to hair extensions, the shade that you have matters more than anything else. Just a shade lighter can tell that you are wearing one. To get the right shade, color match with the end of your locks other than the roots. Also pick a color that is the most outstanding in your natural hair as many women have a number of shades in their natural hair.


Hair extentions Bondi Junction salons sell mostly come in three types. There are the clip-ins which are the most user-friendly, and hence, many beginners find them a preferable option. These can be clipped in or out at your own pleasure. Then there are tape extensions, which are held in place by strong premium tape that is invisible. They can last up to eight weeks. Keratin extensions are bound with sound activation and keratin attachments in a high tech process. These can last up to three months.  The kind of lifestyle you have should play a role in your decision making. If you are a yoga person, keratin extensions are best. If you are very experimental, clip-ins and tape would be ideal.


While synthetic hair extensions are less costly, they come with the disadvantage of being too shiny, and thus, look unnatural. Virgin hair equally is affordable, but they have undergone chemical processes, hence, damaged sometimes. When looking for good quality hair, Remy extensions are worth considering, though they are costly but are the closest to real hair.

Do maintenance work

 Just like natural hair, extensions too need to be properly maintained. Wash them regularly and dry them properly. Comb out the tangles so that they are easier to style and comb. Also ensure that your extensions are completely dry before using any heat styling tools. Maintaining your hair extensions will lengthen their lifespan.

Hair extentions Bondi Junction women prefer are here to stay with as more and more women are wearing them. As attractive as they are, you must first think about the points discussed above so that you can arrive at a well-informed  decision.

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