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Tips on Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling projects are not limited to those big master bathrooms. There are lots of clever and innovative ways in which you can bring the best out of even the smaller bathrooms and make them into little and elegant sanctuaries that you can enjoy your showers in. With the right ideas for a bathroom remodel in Monticello MN, even that tiny 6ft by 8 ft bathroom can be transformed into something wholly marvelous.


When planning a small bathroom remodel in Sartell, MN, you will be looking for design ideas which will, for example, make your bathroom appear larger. You will also be looking for ways to make it feel more comfortable so that you can enjoy your baths here for longer durations of time. There are lots of ways of accomplishing this such as choosing the right paint, adding extra lighting to your bathrooms, getting rid of that old and dingy bathtub and installing some spacious showers and even installing a sink or even a toilet that will make your cleaning easier.  Here are some tips on how you will be able to go about the small bathroom remodel in Monticello, MN…

Work out the cost

There may be the temptation to penny pinch simply because you are working on a tiny bathroom but you don’t have to. Because you are working with a small space, you will not be under pressure to include some large costly installations or lots of fixtures and vanities which might overcrowd the bathroom. You can choose top of the shelf vanities and fixtures and still remodel your bathroom on budget.

Hire a pro

The space might be small but if you do a shoddy job, it will be right in your face every time you enter the bathroom. It is best to hire a fully qualified contractor for bathroom remodel in Monticello, MN to do the job from the conception to completion so as to get some truly outstanding results and the highest standard of workmanship on your small bathroom renovations. This is especially important if the small bathroom remodel in St. Joseph, MN is going to involve both plumbing and electrical work. A professional will not only speed up your project but also get you the results you want.

Work out the permits

Before tackling any small bathroom remodel in Monticello, MN, you will need to get permits for the job. Get in touch with a building inspector and discuss the scope of the project with them so that they can advise you accordingly. You need to know the extent of renovation or remodeling that you are permitted to do before you proceed with the project. Authorities will also give you schedule lists showing when you can call for inspections of your small bathroom renovations.

Use visual tricks to create the illusion of space.

When working with small bathrooms where there is little space for horizontal expansions, you could also consider height extensions that will make your bathrooms appear larger. You can incorporate ambient lighting in the bathroom that creates an illusion of a more spacious bathroom. Another trick that you can do to make your small bathroom space appear larger is the use of uniform color in the bathrooms.

There are literally hundreds of ways to design a little bathroom into a nice and elegant space. Always try to keep it as simple as possible and most importantly, find a great contractor that can help you realize your vision in a little space. For more information visit

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