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Silicone Wristbands Serve Various Purposes

Think of the history created by Lance Armstrong in relation to custom silicone wristbands when in 2004, he slipped a yellow rubber wristband onto his wrist for increasing the awareness about cancer, and of course, to raise funds for treatment of Cancer patients. His action has changed the way how charitable fundraising is done since then. And why just fund raising, these wristbands Sydney shops sell have actually created a sensation in different spheres of life; starting from daily health to fashion!

Silicone wristbands for supporting the cause of cancer

There is no doubt that the most prominent use of custom silicone wristbands, especially ones in yellow color, are a good source for fundraising. Livestrong sells these bracelets for $1, and from 2004 to 2013 it has been reported that more than 87 million wristbands have been sold. This fund was raised for Livestrong cancer foundation that was left by him after the scandal of doping.

Even today if you want to donate for the cause, you can buy those wristbands from at $5 per piece.

Even KU Junior guard Wayne Selden played wearing a pink silicone wristband that was gifted to him from the family of a 9 year old cancer survivor. According to the player, these wristbands remind you about the fight of these little angels and give you the energy that if they can fight and survive, why can’t you?

It’s not just fundraising but for other purposes too

The popularity of these custom silicone wristbands is now not restricted to fundraising. There are different types of wristbands like embossed wristbands, engraved wristbands, printed ones, ones in different colors and ones with logo or business motto on them. People have started using them according to their needs. Marketing for a company with these wristbands has also become popular.

Now, you will also get bulk bracelets that have turned into medical alerts. Clubbers or joggers wear them in the dark and these glow.

Even scientists at Oregon State University are working on developing a wristband that can detect chemicals. If you want to use it for detecting chemicals, you need to wear it for one week and then send the wristbands to the lab for testing. From it, they can find out the toxic chemicals and other harmful substances that are used in products that you use daily.

Scientists at Oregon University are using these wristbands to bring awareness among people about the hidden risks that they get from regular household products.

In Australia, Opus – a tech company – has recently launched wristbands that are accompanied by an app which can be used by customers to pay while checking out. Thus, you can even pay for your meal with these wristbands.

It’s the beginning, not an end.

The rising popularity of these wristbands shows that there can be many other purposes for which they can be used. The main reason behind this popularity is that they are simple to wear, and yet they give you some style statement. So, whether you wear them to support any cause or for following your favorite actor, you are actually a part of the revolution that these small items have brought about. See more at Wristband Monkey

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Get Spotted with Stylish Wristband

Coloured wristbands, a brilliant fashion accessory, have become an effective tool for advertising and marketing a company’s products and services. Recent studies show that the number of companies using silicone bracelets for giving away to their customers is rising. These are generally made of silicone and are referred to as rubber wristbands, silicone bracelets, and awareness bands where companies accommodate their business motifs and logos to use them as giveaways.


The wristbands are the best way to secure an event with a comfortable and easy system, and they belong to the latest fashion trends and are colourful, stylish and collectible.

Charities: All charities need to spread their message and promote their cause. To acknowledge the donations given by people to the charities, these bands can be a perfect solution. Not only do they make a good fashion statement, they also inspire beginning of a conversation among unknown people and help to break the ice in any conversation. These bands can also be used in smaller fundraising groups.

Securing an event: Multiple coloured wristbands are a perfect choice to secure any event. Gone are the days when any event or festival called for messy inked stamps all over the hand. Wristbands are comfortable, and they bang on the latest trends. They can be easily colour co-ordinated when you need different layers for accessing the same event. Furthermore, with the varied choice available in its materials, you can opt for one depending on the required degree of durability and security. See more here Wristband Monkey.

One of the major advantages of using these bands for events is that they can get noticed easily, especially when they are brightly coloured. Therefore, a lot of event organisers consider to buy promotional bands for events to make identification a lot easier  and inducing camaraderie among the guests. Using them in events is also of great advantage for the spectators as they will eliminate the need for searching of the tickets in the bag. Wearing the specific bracelet can even help to identify people.

Safety: Kids are easily distracted, and most parents know the panic of temporarily losing their child at any camp-site, beach or any occasional event. Some specifically coloured wristbands can help to lead them safely to their parents.

These bracelets are mainly available in four different styles- printed, de-bossed, embossed and colour filled bands and each of them can be efficiently utilised for placing  any message or logo. You can easily get access to innumerable designs and coloured bands in the retail as well as online stores, and you may even choose to combine two or more colours in the same band. Buying rubber promotional bands helps to save a lot of money, and these are extremely durable. Many people love wearing these bands as a fashion accessory containing information about the company and their products. So if you are looking for a cost-effective strategy for improving your business, then these bands can be a perfect solution.

For more information, you can always visit the website of the sellers of coloured wristbands

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