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Upgrade your Stationary Stash! Top Reasons to Own a Fountain Pen

Perhaps you used it or just saw it during your school days. Now it may be in your late 20s or early 40s and it comes back to mind. Well, even with the availability and dominance of ballpoint pens, the fountain pen still has its space even in the modern society. Especially with the revelations of the digital age, many people are beginning g to revert to the craft of handwriting. Now, you can achieve that in the best way possible with a fountain pen. Fortunately, the fountain pen also exists in a wide range of designs and models. You can get more information about fountain pens from reliable suppliers such as Notedian.

This article explores top reasons why you should consider visiting Notedian website to find more information regarding fountain pens.

It is a status symbol

With almost everyone using e-mail to communicate, the fountain pen has become a significant accessory in the stationery drawer. It shows that you are ready to go the traditional way, in a considered style and manner. In workplaces, it shows that the user is serious about what he or he is doing. Heads of states use fountain pens to sign treaties, not ballpoint pens.

The good old days

The fountain pen takes you back to the good old days when life’s pace was slower away from the digital fast-pace. The sound of a pen gliding through blank spaces is a reassuring and fulfilling process, which brings back history to the present age. To know more about the variety of fountains that exist in the market today, you can consult reliable suppliers such as Notedian.

Writing with luxury

Daisy Goodwin once remarked that using a fountain pen to write reawakens great sensual pleasures. As the ink glides over the crisp or creamy paper, you get the inspiration and motivation to keep writing. Great writers and poets used fountain pens to put down their thoughts together. Fortunately, you are able to choose the type of your nib to suit your preferences. With the right nib, you can adopt your unique writing style.

Your handwriting will improve

If you were wondering whether a fountain pen could improve your handwriting, you need to know that they do. Some people have confessed that using a fountain pen enables them to develop a certain style of writing. For example, you can learn how to write slower and with clearer letters.

Fountain pens are available in the market from reliable suppliers. For example, if you visit the Notedian website, you can find useful information to help you make a decision.

Finally and yet importantly, you can have a fountain pen to give as a present or gift. With that in mind, you can buy the pens earlier enough before the price escalates. Manufacturers often increase their prices annually or after every other year. Customers who buy fountain pens for giving should take the advantage of the timing. Besides, most manufacturers offer a quantity discount to customers buying the pens from ten pieces. For details about best fountain pens, try visiting

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